We are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Agrasoy Realty Team: Tania Abi-Azar. She will be working with us as Property manager out of our Atwater office in Montreal.
Over the past 4 years, Tania has gained experience in a variety of areas such as in luxury hospitality, customer service, sales and management, with a focus on human resources and training over the past 2 years. These experiences are multi-dimensional in communication, leadership, presentation development and public speaking. She has also developed the capacity to recognize, act and respond to client needs and preferences.

Tania speaks 4 languages (French, English, Arabic and Spanish) because of her passion for languages and because she has lived in various countries such as Canada, Spain and Lebanon.

She is dynamic and likes to be surrounded by people who value respect, honesty, positivity, pleasure and constant personal development.

Her hobbies include travelling and discovering new cultures, including cooking, piano and outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, etc. She enjoys social events such as concerts, comedy shows and festivals, reading, dancing and watching/participating in competitive sports.

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