5 Tips for Accepted Tenants!

Renting season will be coming upon us soon! You are feeling the heat and pressure of finding something before your previous lease is up, and you also want to find something decent because the last dwelling you lived in, you were not completely satisfied with. At the same time, you are aware that April- October is the “Boxing day” of the rental industry.

Property managers like Agrasoy Realty, always send out a renewal notice 3-6 months in advance, so you do have enough time to find what is best for you.

Here are some tips for tenants before signing a lease!

1. READ EVERYTHING YOU ARE GIVEN. I can’t stress enough about this point. It is absolutely crucial to read through everything (Building regulations, the lease, supporting documents, etc.) It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of everything, and not be surprised by certain topics after you signed the lease! Agrasoy Realty makes sure to send the documents two days in advance so you can have the opportunity to know your rights and responsibilities. You must come ready to the lease signing, with questions at hand.

2. YOUR LEASE IS A CONTRACT, READ WELL. A lease is like any other contract you are signing. You must give it a lot of importance. It represents the place you are going to live in for the next 12 months, after all. This is the moment that you are going to discuss with your landlord/property manager what are your needs and expectations of your future dwelling.

3. WRITE IT DOWN. What harm does it do either party to get everything in writing? I am not saying an oral agreement is not enough, but when both parties have what was said recorded, it is the best sound-proof way of assuring both your and the property manager’s rights and responsibilities.

4. RENTER’S INSURANCE AND LIABILITY COVERAGE? Agrasoy Realty Inc. always asks its tenants to purchase renter’s insurance and liability coverage of at least 2 million dollars, before giving out the keys. Why is it important to have renter’s insurance and liability coverage, you might ask? If something out of our control happens, like fire, theft or damage, you will be completely covered by the policy you have! Liability coverage is another topic. You will need that if for example, you forgot your stove on and managed to burn your apartment and your neighbor’s and are required to pay for all the damages done. Trust me, it will be a hefty amount. Alas, if you have liability coverage, you won’t have to worry about the expenses (medical, repairs, etc.) paid or that lawsuit you will have to defend yourself against.

5. COMMUNICATION! COMMUNICATION! COMMUNICATION! Your landlord is the first person you have to go to when you have any inquiries. They usually are very appreciative if you are direct and honest with them about anything you are concerned about. Like any relationship, in order to have a good one, you need to base it on complete honesty, respect, trust, and loyalty.

Agrasoy Realty Inc.’s top priority is to create and maintain a good relationship with all their tenants. After all, we care about your needs and wants, so if you have anything that concerns you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in these following ways,

1) Our website: www.agrasoyrealty.com
2) Facebook messenger: Agrasoy Realty
3) Instagram Direct Message: agrasoyrealty
4) Email us at emre@agrasoyrealty.com, katherine@agrasoyrealty.com, tania@agrasoyrealty.com
5) By Text: Emre: (514) 476-7281; Katherine:( 514) 592-4061; Tania: (438) 526-7368.

Finally, we are aware of the current situations, so we have created a YouTube channel: Agrasoy Realty, broadcasting our units via video, so you would be practicing social distance and taking care of yourself in this pandemic. Make sure to check it out and subscribe to see more videos!

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