The awesome team of property managers and rental agents

property managers and leasing agents

Emre Agrasoy – Managing Partner

Emre Agrasoy founded Agrasoy Realty in 2006 upon completion of his Master of Arts in Economics at McGill University. He received a Bachelor of Arts in International Trade and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems.

Emre began his career as a Marketing Specialist at DHL (Deutsche Post Worldwide Net)’ in Bonn, Germany. He worked as an Export Manager at Merem Textile in Istanbul. Upon completion of his Master of Arts in Economics from McGill University in Montreal, Emre joined ROI in 2006 as a Research Analyst. He was promoted to work as an Account Executive in charge of European lead generation initiatives in December 2007. In November 2009, Mr. Agrasoy was promoted to the position of Director of Operations, Public Sector, overseeing worldwide operations. As Executive Director, Operations, Emre was responsible for managing ROI’s team while maximizing productivity and ensuring the highest quality on all deliverables.

At Agrasoy Realty, Emre has been assisting tenants in Montreal in transferring their lease and subletting their apartments. He also offers his rental promotion and property management services to owners/landlords across the Island. He manages a great team of property managers and rental agents. Besides his passion in real estate investment, he enjoys skiing, kayaking, playing basketball and tennis.


Property managerTania Abi-Azar – Leasing Manager

Over the past 4 years, Tania has gained experience in a variety of areas such as in luxury hospitality, customer service, sales and management, with a focus on human resources and training over the past 2 years. These experiences are multi-dimensional in communication, leadership, presentation development and public speaking. She has also developed the capacity to recognize, act and respond to client needs and preferences.

Tania speaks 4 languages (French, English, Arabic and Spanish) because of her passion for languages and because she has lived in various countries such as Canada, Spain and Lebanon.

She is dynamic and likes to be surrounded by people who value respect, honesty, positivity, pleasure and constant personal development.

Her hobbies include travelling and discovering new cultures, including cooking, piano and outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, etc. She enjoys social events such as concerts, comedy shows and festivals, reading, dancing and watching/participating in competitive sports.


Pardeep Singh - Agrasoy Realty - Marketing ManagerPardeep Singh – Marketing Manager

Pardeep Singh is responsible for digital marketing and social media. His curiosity lies in the intersection of social media, digital marketing, advertising, and human psychology.

He is a Computer Science Engineer. He has worked as a Data Analyst. His work extensively focused on SEO, SEM, Ads, digital marketing, digital strategies, content management, and copywriting. He is a certified behavior change specialist.

His hobbies include reading and playing badminton.


Sam Logan Agrasoy Realty Property Management and LeasingSam Logan – Property Manager

Sam Logan is responsible for Property Management. He has worked in Property Management for over 5 years, managing large portfolios overseas in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The experience he has gained in his Property Management career so far will assist in providing an effective and efficient service for all of our clients.

Sam has a positive attitude and is a clear communicator, which will aid him well in all interactions for Agrasoy Realty. Sam loves the customer service aspect of the role and endeavors to achieve the best outcome in all situations.
Sam is an avid sports fan, loves traveling, and is passionate about health/exercise.

rental agentAdam Rutledge – Leasing Manager

Adam Rutledge completed his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at McGill University in 2016. Throughout his studies, Adam had always held a keen interest in entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, and salesmanship.

Having grown up on the culturally vibrant shores of Vancouver BC, Adam developed various passions for visual art, music, architecture, and film. This infatuation with the creative industries spurred Adam to develop his own art agency Centerfold. Adam built, branded, strategized, and operated a profitable organization that charitably raised thousands of dollars for local Canadian artists. In order to achieve this, Adam relied on his outstanding communication skills to form and leverage partnerships, generate leads, and close sales.

An additional effect of growing up in Vancouver was an interest in the ebbs and flows of the notorious west-coast housing market, which led him to a budding passion for real estate, and a position at Agrasoy Realty. If not going beyond the needs of those searching for an apartment in Montreal, you can find Adam at the local record store or art gallery.


rental agentSeneba Ndiaye – Leasing Manager

Seneba completed her Bachelor degree in Political Science (International Relations) at UQAM in 2016. She developed an avid interest in interior design and real estate and started her career as Leasing Manager at Agrasoy Realty. Her enthusiastic and driven persona enable her to anticipate clients needs. She thrives to provide an exceptional customer service by being proactive, identifying and understanding the clients’ requirement during the whole journey.

Besides her passion for Real Estate, she’s also working as a training program advisor at a consulting firm in public governance.


rental agentStephanie McLellan Lamarche – Leasing Manager

Stephanie is currently an undergraduate psychology student at McGill University, graduating in the fall of 2018. As such, she has always had an interest in human communication and motivation, placing clients wants and needs as her number one priority. She has always had a passion for real estate, and plans to get her license upon the completion of her bachelors degree.

Having grown up in Sherbrooke Quebec, surrounded by arts and crafts and historic homes, she has an eye for fine mission style woodwork and period features. In her spare time you can catch her watching HGTV or fiddling around on her guitar.


Leasing Agent Agrasoy - Antonin BatailleAntonin Bataille – Leasing Manager

Antonin is an undergraduate student at Concordia University studying Political Science and Human Rights.

He grew up in Paris, but spontaneously decided to move with his Aunt and Uncle in Austin Texas at the age of 16. As he is always keen for new adventures, he was delighted to get the opportunity to come to Montreal for his studies.

Soccer has always been part of his life and he has played at a high level since age 10. His passions include culinary arts, electronic music production/DJing, and exploring the many beauties the world has to offer.

He is eager to work as leasing manager and learn about the real estate business, all the while contributing to the development of Agrasoy Property Management and Leasing.


Marilou Pasquier Agrasoy Realty TeamMarilou Pasquier – Property Manager

Marilou is currently an undergraduate student in Architecture at the University of Toronto, from where she plans to graduate in December 2021. She is passionate about real estate and had two years of experience working as a property manager for a private family company prior to becoming a Property Manager at Agrasoy Realty. 

Her previous studies in psychology combined with her knowledge of architecture and of the real estate field enable her to anticipate client’s needs and provide great customer service. 

She is dynamic and likes to help out others any way she can. Her hobbies include traveling, working out, and outdoor activities. She enjoys social events as much as quiet time. 


Denis Reji George Leasing AgentDenis Reji George – Leasing Manager

Denis is currently a Graduate Student in Engineering at Concordia University and will be graduating in the summer of 2022. Before entering real estate, he worked as a trainee engineer in the manufacturing sector after completing his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. He started developing an inclination towards real estate when he started exploring the city of Montreal and was drawn towards its architecture and historical significance. The opportunity to develop his skills in sales and marketing is what led him to Agrasoy Realty. Denis finds sincere satisfaction in understanding the client’s requirements and assisting them to make the most important decision of their lives.

In his spare time, he also enjoys travelling, hiking, camping, working out and is always up for activities that would be a stunt of exploration, realizations, and discoveries.


Jessica Tanguay Agrasoy Realty TeamJessica Tanguay – Administrator

Jessica is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at Concordia University in Actuarial Mathematics. She always loved analyzing and solving problems. 

Jessica is repsonsible for lease signing process and accounting at Agrasoy Realty.

She played hockey for 7 years as a defenseman in an all girls league. During the summer, she loves boating with family and friends and loves to do water sports especially slalom water skiing.


Diana-Janes Landry – Property Manager

Diana is our newest team member, responsible for property management. She is passionate about real estate and had three years of experience working as a property manager for a private family company prior to becoming a Property Manager at Agrasoy Realty. 

Her previous studies in administration combined with her studies in special care counselling enables her to anticipate client’s needs and provide great customer service. 

Her hobbies include traveling, working out, playing American football and outdoor activities. 


Laurence Boucher - Property Manager AgrasoyLaurence Boucher – Property Manager

Laurence is a property management student at College Montmorency in Laval, she is planning on
finishing her studies in March of 2023. Her passion for property management began when she was 10
years old by helping her parent’s management their own properties.

Her animated personality and dynamic energy are passionate about helping others, she has been working in customer service since she was 16 years old.

Her hobbies include working out spending time with family and friends, cooking, photography and reading, she also enjoys learning new skills.