Are you looking to transfer your lease or sublet your apartment?Are you moving out from Montreal due to job relocation? Have you bought a new house or condo? Are you looking to downsize? Have you just graduated and are you leaving Montreal? Have you found another apartment which is more convenient to you? Do you have disagreements with your co-tenants? Consequently, are you looking to transfer your lease prior to the expiration date of your lease? Are you wondering how you can assign your lease to a new tenant? You are at the right place.

Agrasoy Realty has been assisting tenants in transferring their lease fast and in a painless manner for a very small fee. With its 14-year experience and extensive expertise in the Montreal rental market and its proven track record, Agrasoy Realty provides a customized, professional, effective and very affordable service to its clients. Quality service and customer satisfaction come first.

Please use the following links to download the documents required for lease assignment. 


Notice to assign the lease Open  Download

Notice to sublet the dwelling Open  Download

Lease assignment agreement Open  Download


Call us for a free estimation if you would like to transfer your  lease and if you don’t know where to start.