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Best property management company in Montreal

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best property management company

Ziad K. “Hi Emre, likewise! I am very impressed by your commitment to clients.
I will always refer who ever calls me or mentions want to rent or rent out a condo.”

Maude M. “Merci beaucoup pour ton aide Emre, je viens de transférer mon bail, et ce en moins de 10 jours :)))) Excellent service à la clientèle et merci de m’avoir appuyé tout au long du processus. Je vous recommande sans hésiter!! :)”

Melissa L. “Your services were amazingly effective! I was getting at least 3-5 calls about the apartment each day. Thank you for all your help, and I will refer you to my friends in the future for sure. Best property management company in Montreal”

Lilyana I. “They were very helpful in negotiating my sublet. I highly recommend their professional services”

Jeremy T. “Got me out of my Lease and provided me with excellent advice. Would definitely recommend Emre’s services”

Ethan Y. “In summer 2013 I needed to sublet my studio apartment and Agrasoy Realty really helped! They came, took pictures, and within a week I was able to sublet the place for the entire time I needed. I was honestly amazed and relieved that they contacted me. I would highly recommend them. They are very professional and supportive”

Camille D. “I asked Emre to help me sublet my place 2 summers ago and was very satisfied with the service provided! As everyone else has already said, he answers emails really fast, is always on top of your case and delivers results! Well worth the money 🙂 I recommended him to a friend one year later who was equally happy with the help! Emre is always available and very professional, greatly recommended!”

Freud C. “I can’t thank you enough. I will definitely recommend the business of yours! Thank you very much again.”

Ali Z. “We asked Emre to help us with transferring our lease. He has been very helpful and supportive and we were able to transfer our lease in just 2 weeks. He advertised our apartment on different websites and ran an email campaign for us. Thanks very much Emre!”

Tristan S. “Hi Emre, I am very pleased to inform you that the lease transfer for my apartment was signed today!!! Your professionalism, honesty, and tenacity in finding someone to take over my lease was impressive, and greatly appreciated. You generated far more prospective tenants than I ever could have on my own. Particularly at a time of the year where there is such low apartment turnover, you made the experience so much easier! It would be my pleasure to serve as a reference to your quality service in the future. You were worth every penny and will certainly recommend you to anyone!!!”

Rohail T. “i used emre’s services to sublet my place. he guides and keeps checks on progress all the way. and always replies to emails quickly. great work ethic. he’ll get the job done !”

Andrew A. “It’s all done! Got the confirmation email from my landlord today and it’s final. Thanks so much for your service. Could you please take down the ads now. P.S. I’ll make sure to spread the word about your service.”